Our Core Team

  • BTPL believes Clients’ interests come first no matter how big or small, And to employ our knowledge in achieving this motive, in return help the team in growing in its skills. We believe that talent is god gifted while an opportunity in life helps in honing those skills. Our team is drawn from a diversity of professional backgrounds, blend of experience, skill and dedication. The company has a dedicated team of fundamental researchers, managerial motivators, financial advisors and technical analysts who provide reports on global and domestic economies, sectors and companies. These research reports are backed by in depth research and analysis of emerging as well as current market trends. The research analysts also appear on leading business news channels where they share their insights on the markets. Our dedication is reflected in a combined team work together to provide superior results to its clients. At the same time, each of our clients is assigned a specific team member who ‘owns’ the relationship, providing continuity, responsiveness and a point of easy access directly contact the Company. The aim is simply to help the investors to maximize their returns.
    The company strives to maintain ethical standards at all times and lays strong emphasis on honesty, integrity and confidentiality. The team at BTPL speaks and acts to ensure transparency at all levels and in everything it does.


In our core team we have stalwart experts from stock broking and mutual fund sectors. We are also associated with top notch equity researchers.

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